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Meet Nikki Pearson

Nikki Pearson

BSc. (Hons.); P.G.C.E.; MSc. (Educational Psychology), Personal Development Coach

Nikki Pearson

After spending over 20 years supporting children & families in the United Kingdom as a Specialist Senior Psychologist and classroom teacher, Nikki has brought her skills and talents to the Foothills of Alberta. Website: www.guidingspiritlearning.solutions Since moving to Alberta in late 2014, she has trained in Equine Assisted Personal and Corporate Development through EAL Canada, and combines this with her training in psychology to offer a range of services. She is on a mission to help people find their voice and their authentic self, through Personal Development sessions, in person or with the aid of technology online or via Skype, as well as sessions for couples, families, groups and businesses. A Reiki Master, she also offers Reiki and Biofield Tuning healing sessions.