Power Up Your Posture, Energy, Strength & Results!

Limited spots available. Please register below to confirm your spot in this in-person workshop hosted by Julie Hodge, Julie Hodge Fitness in Okotoks, Alberta. Call 403-651-1088 for more information.


Please note this is an in person workshop being hosted in Okotoks, Alberta (not an online course).

Our body was designed to move optimally. 

Learn about the 3 best techniques to move safely and injury-free. Often we're running, jumping, lifting and “pumping up” without understanding how to do so properly in order to get maximal effects (and minimal “ouch”).


Most of us are not getting as much from our workouts as we could – and SHOULD – be!

I’ve discovered what works best through 28 years of teaching and coaching and in this interactive workshop I’m going to share with you exactly what those things are how you can instantly improve your posture, results and strength by incorporating my techniques to keep you moving injury-free.


  • Trainers and coaches looking to enhance their knowledge and add more tools to their wheelhouse
  • Anybody who wants to get the most out of their workouts – and maximize results!
  • Anybody who has been injured, intimidated, defeated and/or given up on fitness


  • What the foundational movements are (and exactly what they look and FEEL like)
  • 3 instant techniques you can use ANYWHERE to improve your posture, strength, core and performance
  • Simple, yet profound, movement adjustments to take your workouts to the next level
  • Useful and relevant information you can actually apply and use immediately


With 28 years+ hands on experience and education movement and helping people move better is my jam!   I believe that educating and supporting people with sound, experienced-based tools and knowledge empowers them to be their best without needing to spend hundreds of $$ to do so.  I have a background in Kinesiology, am a certified personal trainer and hold an Advanced Diploma in Massage Therapy along with Reiki Level II certification.  I’ve not only trained hundreds of people from beginner to advanced exercisers, but also fitness competitors and coaches alike.  

All participants will receive a color handout reviewing all major tips and techniques provided in the class to keep for review.  

*No refunds.

DATE:    October 26th

TIME:    1:00-3:00 pm

LOCATION:  313 Sunset Place, Okotoks




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