In This Course:

- the dangers of fad diets

- how our nutrient requirements change with age

- the importance of macronutrients, micronutrients, phytonutrients and vitamins

- how to food prep (and plan) like a pro!

- shopping lists (including vegetarian) and meal plans

- what keep in mind when buying food (and the best places to buy it!)

- shopping lists and the ingredients you need to have on hand so that you're never stuck without a nutritious meal or snack

- a meal prepping video demonstration by Stacy

- and more!


  • 1

    CHAPTER 1: Nutrition 101 Introduction

  • 2

    CHAPTER 2: Why Age Matters & Why It Doesn't

    • Lesson 1 - Why Age Matters, and Why It Doesn't
  • 3

    CHAPTER 3: Problems With Nutritional Science

    • Lesson 1 - The Problem With Nutritional Science
  • 4

    CHAPTER 4: The Dangers of Fad Diets

    • Lesson 1 - Fad Diets & What This Program is NOT
  • 5

    CHAPTER 5: The 411 on Real Food

    • Lesson 1 - The Program: Eating Real Food
    • Lesson 2 - Key Concepts & Considerations
    • Let's Review!
    • Printable (Key Concepts & Considerations)
  • 6

    CHAPTER 6: Putting it into Practice

    • Lesson 1 - Putting it All Into Practice
    • Lesson 2 - What to Eat & Daily Guidelines
    • Printable (Daily Guidelines & What to Eat)
    • Let's Review!
  • 7

    CHAPTER 7: Meal Planning Essentials

    • Lesson 1 - Meal Planning & Food Prep
    • Lesson 2 - Meal Prepping & Stress Free Dinners
    • Video - Meal Planning Demonstration with Stacy
    • Printable (Meal Prepping & Stress Free Dinners)
  • 8

    CHAPTER 8: Macro's, Micro's & Phyto's, Vitamins & Minerals Too!

    • Lesson 1 - Summary of Macro-nutrients, Micro-nutrients, Vitamins, Minerals and Phyto-nutrients
    • Printable (Guide to Fats)
    • Let's Review!
  • 9

    CHAPTER 9: The Lowdown on Food Shopping

    • Lesson 1 - WHERE to shop, WHAT to buy
    • Printable (Clean 15 & Dirty Dozen)
    • Printable (Eating on the Wild Side)
    • Let's Review!
  • 10

    CHAPTER 10: The Meal Plans

    • Lesson 1 - Meal Planning Tips
    • Printable (Meal Plans and Shopping Lists)
  • 11

    CHAPTER 11: Food for Body, Mind & Spirit

    • Lesson 1 - Body, Mind & Spirit
  • 12

    CHAPTER 12: Building Healthy Habits

    • Lesson 1 - Building Healthy Habits for Life
    • Lesson 2 - A Note on Supplements
  • 13

    CHAPTER 13: What's Next?

    • Lesson 1 - Recommended Reading & Resources
    • Printable (Reading, Resources, References)
    • THE DISCUSSION ROOM: A Place for Thoughts, Questions & Comments
  • 14

    CHAPTER 15: That's a Wrap!

    • You're Almost Done!
    • Before You Go...
    • My Special Offers
    • Reach Out!


  • How exactly will this course be of benefit to me?

    Great question! This course is designed to provide you with real information that is based upon research and basic nutrition principles. It will provide you with a framework in understanding what food is, how it supports us, what food sources support us in pro aging better than others and why, and provides a realistic way of SUSTAINING a healthy diet through wholesome foods.

  • How would this course content compare with seeing a nutritionist 1 on 1?

    Another great question! It is helpful to know that the content in the Total Nutrition course is equivalent to 1 initial deep dive consultation with Stacy (valued at $199) and 2 follow up consultations (valued at $98). Speaking of value... Stacy provides special offer discounts as well within the course if you'd like to work with her 1 on 1.

  • Will I receive any handouts or shopping lists and recipes?

    Stacy provides 15 printable take-away documents throughout the course within include shopping lists (even one for vegetarians) and menu plan ideas. She provides a link to her Pinterest page too, for LOTS of recipes and ideas!

Highly recommend!

Pauline Hogan

The Total Nutrition course is packed with valuable information on how to eat in a healthy, "no fuss" way! Stacy presents the information in a fun and engagi...

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The Total Nutrition course is packed with valuable information on how to eat in a healthy, "no fuss" way! Stacy presents the information in a fun and engaging manner, which makes you want to read on!! Great work!

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Stacy Yates

Certified in Holistic Nutrition, C.H.N.

Stacy Yates

Hi! I’m Stacy! I’m a mom, fur-mom, wife, sister, friend and food-loving nutrition educator. I love helping people take control of their health through the use of real, whole foods and helping them understand the relationship between what they eat and how they feel. I have always had a passion for healthy living and a genuine love of food. This passion led me to the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition where I completed a Diploma in Holistic Nutrition, and graduated with Honors. My philosophy is that food is truly meant to be enjoyed, and my relaxed approach to nutrition reflects that. I describe myself as being “moderate” and believe that smaller changes over time will ensure you achieve your wellness goals, rather than drastic changes made all at once. And I won’t make you give up coffee ;). I practice in my hometown of Calgary, AB but am available for consultations via Skype or Zoom.