In This Course:

- the dangers of fad diets

- how our nutrient requirements change with age

- the importance of macronutrients, micronutrients, phytonutrients and vitamins

- how to food prep (and plan) like a pro!

- shopping lists (including vegetarian) and meal plans

- what keep in mind when buying food (and the best places to buy it!)

- shopping lists and the ingredients you need to have on hand so that you're never stuck without a nutritious meal or snack

- a meal prepping video demonstration by Stacy

- and more!


  • 1
    CHAPTER 1: Nutrition 101 Introduction
  • 2
    CHAPTER 2: Why Age Matters & Why It Doesn't
    • Lesson 1 - Why Age Matters, and Why It Doesn't
  • 3
    CHAPTER 3: Problems With Nutritional Science
    • Lesson 1 - The Problem With Nutritional Science
  • 5
    CHAPTER 5: The 411 on Real Food
    • Lesson 1 - The Program: Eating Real Food
    • Lesson 2 - Key Concepts & Considerations
    • Printable (Key Concepts & Considerations)
    • Let's Review!
  • 6
    CHAPTER 6: Putting it into Practice
    • Lesson 1 - Putting it All Into Practice
    • Lesson 2 - What to Eat & Daily Guidelines
    • Printable (Daily Guidelines & What to Eat)
    • Let's Review!
  • 7
    CHAPTER 7: Meal Planning Essentials
    • Lesson 1 - Meal Planning & Food Prep
    • Lesson 2 - Meal Prepping & Stress Free Dinners
    • Video - Meal Planning Demonstration with Stacy
    • Printable (Meal Prepping & Stress Free Dinners)
  • 8
    CHAPTER 8: Macro's, Micro's & Phyto's, Vitamins & Minerals Too!
  • 9
    CHAPTER 9: The Lowdown on Food Shopping
    • Lesson 1 - WHERE to shop, WHAT to buy
    • Printable (Clean 15 & Dirty Dozen)
    • Printable (Eating on the Wild Side)
    • Let's Review!
  • 10
    CHAPTER 10: The Meal Plans
    • Lesson 1 - Meal Planning Tips
    • Printable (Meal Plans and Shopping Lists)
  • 11
    CHAPTER 11: Food for Body, Mind & Spirit
    • Lesson 1 - Body, Mind & Spirit
  • 12
    CHAPTER 12: Building Healthy Habits
    • Lesson 1 - Building Healthy Habits for Life
    • Lesson 2 - A Note on Supplements
  • 13
    CHAPTER 13: What's Next?
    • Lesson 1 - Recommended Reading & Resources
    • Printable (Reading, Resources, References)
  • 14
    CHAPTER 15: That's a Wrap!
    • You're Almost Done!
    • Before You Go...
    • My Special Offers
    • Reach Out!
  • Highly recommend!

    Pauline Hogan

    The Total Nutrition course is packed with valuable information on how to eat in a healthy, "no fuss" way! Stacy presents the information in a fun and engagi...

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    The Total Nutrition course is packed with valuable information on how to eat in a healthy, "no fuss" way! Stacy presents the information in a fun and engaging manner, which makes you want to read on!! Great work!

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  • Stacy Yates

    Certified in Holistic Nutrition, C.H.N.

    Stacy Yates

    Hi! I’m Stacy! I’m a mom, fur-mom, wife, sister, friend and food-loving nutrition educator. I love helping people take control of their health through the use of real, whole foods and helping them understand the relationship between what they eat and how they feel. I have always had a passion for healthy living and a genuine love of food. This passion led me to the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition where I completed a Diploma in Holistic Nutrition, and graduated with Honors. My philosophy is that food is truly meant to be enjoyed, and my relaxed approach to nutrition reflects that. I describe myself as being “moderate” and believe that smaller changes over time will ensure you achieve your wellness goals, rather than drastic changes made all at once. And I won’t make you give up coffee ;). I practice in my hometown of Calgary, AB but am available for consultations via Skype or Zoom.