In This Course:

  • The science of aging

  • Why these programs have been created and who they are for

  • How to navigate through the courses and screens

  • How to get the most out of the programs

  • How to access and join the private Facebook Pro Aging Community page



Julie Hodge, B. Kin., PTS, Creator & Founder

Julie Hodge

Founder and Creator of the Programs, B.Kin., PTS

Julie Hodge

I've enjoyed almost 27 years in the health and wellness business thus far, having worked with hundreds of women of all shapes and sizes, ages and fitness levels. I am a mom and a busy entrepreneur, certified personal trainer and program creator dedicated to promoting realistic, fitness and well-being for for women. Inspired by the practice of Joseph Pilates, I found my calling early on providing fun, functional, safe and effective fitness and lifestyle solutions to women while empowering and educating them to achieve lasting, healthy, lifelong changes to embrace and nurture aging - not fight it. My ultimate goal is to foster a deeper appreciation of health, fitness and wellness in women by removing the fear, barriers and obstacles preventing them from living their best life! I believe that commitment and consistency are vital keys to success in adhering to healthy lifestyle success.